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Top 10 tips to sell your horse quickly

If you’ve made the tough decision to sell your horse, the last thing you want is the selling process to take months. Follow these top 10 tips to ensure your horse sells as quickly as possible and goes to the right home.

Sell your horse

1. Always include a picture - A picture is essential if you want to sell your horse. Adverts without pictures get around 90% fewer views.

2. Include his family tree - If your horse has an amazing pedigree, include his family tree in the advert, as this will appeal to those looking for a serious competition prospect.

3. Show off his competitive history - If your horse has had an amazing competitive career, show it off in your advert. Include winnings and points to date as well as any qualifiers or finals he’s competed at.

4. Don’t miss out the essentials - Make sure you include the essentials such as what your horse is like with the farrier, to clip, loading, to hack, catch and handle.

5. Double check your contact details - You’ll be surprised how many people type the wrong contact details in an advert and then wonder why they haven’t had any enquiries. Double check any telephone numbers and include a mobile number to ensure you can take calls when you’re out.

6. Be honest - If your horse has faults such as napping or rearing and you decide to leave these out of his advert, you may get more viewings, but the people coming to try your horse will not be suitable and you may end up wasting yours and their time. Plus you leave yourself open to legal action if the horse turns out not to be as advertised.

7. Make sure you are free for viewings - There’s no point in placing your advert the week before you go on holiday. You need to make sure that after you’ve placed your advert, you have as much spare time as possible to fit in viewings.

8. Consider using a sales livery service – They are used to selling horses on a daily basis and can often get a much better price for your horse than you would privately. They will charge a commission but will handle all aspects of the sale, saving you time and hopefully making you more money.

9. Be realistic with your price – In the current economic climate, horse values have fallen and it’s important to take this into consideration when setting a price for your horse.

10. Use Secondhand Tack Online - Placing an advert on Secondhand Tack Online takes less than four minutes is FREE and you will be giving your horse the best chance at finding a new owner quickly and simply.

Sell your horse

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