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Let's Play a game?


What Equestrian items would you buy if you were given £2000?

Time for a little hypothetical question – imagine you were walking by an Equestrian shop and running

out the doors came the owner of the shop. He races up to you and says – ‘it’s your lucky day – I’m

going to give you anything in my shop up to thevalue of £2000′!

You’ve got an hour to choose what you want, it has to be some sort of Equestrian gear that you’d find

in any normal Equestrian shop – what would you get?

You can get as many products as you like as long as they total £2000 or less.

Lets use the prices at Amazon's Equestrian Shop (they have most things) but don’t get too caught up

in the details 


Really I’m asking what things you’re currently looking to buy!  

Comment on our Facebook Page what your favourite item was.

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